Consulting in Java and web technologies

As a software architect I have seen, designed, created, migrated, documented and taken into production a lot of software systems over the last years.

Therefore I have exhaustively engaged in core technologies all around Java. From new language features like generics in Java 5 or Lambdas and Streams in Java 8, a deep understanding is the base for a successful development of a software system.

Besides J2EE/Java Enterprise technologies I often consult regarding the Spring framework and many technologies that are related to it which build a whole ecosystem.

Maven, Checkstyle, Cobertura, FindBugs... the Java world offers incredibly many good tools to improve the code and software quality. Regarding the question which tools are really useful and how they can be neatly combined, I offer my help focussing on the client's needs, wishes and requirements.

NoSql: a new kind of data sinks like MongoDB, ElasticSearch and many more offer enormous flexibility compared to conventional relational database systems. Where a change is worth the effort and if so to which system can be a complex matter and requires competent support.

Besides technologies and concepts the design and development process matters often. What specifics should be considered regarding responsive design? How can code reviews be held efficiently? Such questions are normal and not exceptions - don't feel alone if you have them.

Contact me without obligation and explain your problem or request. I will reply as soon as possible.

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