Training in Java and web technologies

Often teams don't work as efficient as they probably could. Sometimes they lack the expertise in a certain area, sometiems knowledge is spread to many different heads. In any case, it's worth to train the development team in a certain technology or different topics.

Especially the core of the Java programming language continuously has new things to offer. Unknown classes or frameworks avoid a lot of development efforts. New language features are not used efficiently or not used at all in the team and not every developer has the same understanding of unit tests. A well-aimed training can give a fresh view on the desired topic and help sort things out.

The Spring framework is an ecosystem within Java and offers much functionality. To get and keep an overview isn't easy in a developer's everyday life. Learn Spring and take a deep(er) dive.

There are fantastic tools in the Java world that help increase the productivity. To install and use them in the right manner is hard. A "hands-on-tools" workshop can help.

Code is produced by humans. Humans make errors - when typing, thinking, designing, writing or testing. A training workshop on how to efficiently recognize these errors and save a lot of effort is the key to success.

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