About me

Portrait von Martin Walter

My name is Martin Walter and I'm a software architect in the Java and web environment. Besides the main topics of web systems I come across a lot of interesting and exciting subjects such as the creation of an adequate overall software architecture in times of new emerging technologies and frameworks, or responsive design, but also innovative ideas and trends.

Since my early adolescence I'm interested in computers and programming and since 2003 I work as a web designer and developer. This lead me to my academic studies of media informatics, which I finished with the best possible degree. Through the release of my own architectural framework for emotion analysis I took the first big steps towards the subject of software architecture.

Currently, I work as a software architect for the Deutsche Welle, the big foreign broadcaster (online, TV, radio) of the Federal Republic of Germany. With the years passing by, I gathered a wide-spread knowledge about libraries, frameworks and architectures, which allows for a very differentiated point of view on current developments and trends, with which I like to concern myself with.

In private, I'm currently located in Bonn, the former capital of Germany. Besides my professional occupation, I like digital photography and editing and as a balance to the hectic, electronic world, I spend time with my family, music and gardening.