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Description of the services

Via the domains and you have access to many resources including development tools, download areas, product information, documents and files and other areas that are summed up under the term "services" from here on. These services including updates, improvements, new features and/or the addition of new pages are the subject of the following terms of use.

1. Content

The author does not guarantee for actuality, correctness, completeness or quality of the provided services. Any liability claims against the author, which relate to material or non-material damages, that are caused through the use or disclaim of use of the provided services and information or through the use of false or incomplete information are completely ruled out as long as the author has not deliberately caused the incident. All services are generally without obligation. The author reserves his right to change, extend or remove the whole online presence or parts of it without any kind of prior notice. According to ยงยง8 to 10 there is no obligation to monitor transmitted or saved data from the outside. Any liability for law infringements by the author's or external information is only possible after the announcement of a concrete law infringement. Therefore, that information is removed as fast as possible after the author has been informed.

2. Links

Any liability for direct oder indirect links to information that is outside the author's responsibility can only be stated in case that the author knows of the external content and it is technically possible and reasonable for him to remove the links in case of law infringements on those external pages. The author states therefore explicitly that at the time when the link was set, the linked information was free of illegal content. The author does not have any influence on the current and future design and content of the linked resources and presences. He therefore dissociates himself from any information published on linked pages that was changed or published after the link to it was set. This statement is valid for all links set within these services as well as all links set by any third party in guestbooks, discussion forums, comments, mailing lists and other third-party-enabled content. For illegal, false or incomplete information and especially for any damages that were caused by the use or disclaim of the externally provided information, only the person responsible for the external information can be made liable and not this author.

3. Copyright

The author strives for marking the copyright of all used graphics, audio and video sequences and texts, for using self-created or royalty-free graphics, audio and video sequences and texts. All published trademarks and product names may be claimed by a third party and are subject to the terms of use of the respective trademark laws and the ownership rights of the possessing party. Simply because they are named here it cannot be concluded that trademarks are not protected through rights of a third party. The copyright for any services and for all content created by the author remains only with the author. A duplication or use of such graphics, audio or video sequences, texts and other information in electronic od printed publications is prohibited without the prior written permission by the author. All information published by a third party are marked as such. If this might not be the case for individual cases, the author can be made aware and will conduct the necessary changes or deletions.

4. Privacy

In case of services requiring the input of personal or commercial data (email addresses, names, etc.), the disclosure is made with by the user by choice. The use and payment of all services provided is - as far as technically possible and reasonable - possible without the transmission of such data or the transmission of anonymised data or pseudonyms. For more details, please read the accompanying privacy policy.

5. Lawfulness of these terms of use

These terms are to be regarded as an integral part of the pages that linked here. In case particular terms should not conform partially or in full to current laws, all other terms remain valid and untouched by this.

6. Downloading, installing and executing files

The author is not liable for any damages caused files downloaded from the offered services. Bought software products normally come with a more detailed license contract that my reduce, change or extend these terms of use. Without limiting the aforementioned, copying, reproducing and publishing the author's services, documents or files on other servers or other places is explicitly prohibited. Guarantees or support (if any) is only given in accordance to special license contract conditions in case these are given there. With the exception of a guarantee given in a license contract, the author explicitly states that he does not offer any guarantee for any service, product, document or file including concludent guarantees regarding usability or suitability.

7. Support

The author has created and published all services and information with greatest care and accuracy. However, errors can never be ruled out completely. The use or purchase of services and products does not not automatically grant any support or error fixes by the author. For any damages caused by such errors, the author cannot be made responsible or liable.

8. Patentschutz

The information provided is published without regard to eventually existing patent protection. Trademarks and product names are used without the warranty of free usage. Nearly all hardware and software names that are mentioned are probably registered trademarks or should be regarded as such.

9. Restriction to personal, non-commercial use

As long as no other conditions apply, these services are provided for personal and non-commercial use. It is prohibited - unless granted by law - to change, copy, distribute, transmit, duplicate, publish, license or sell any services or to make it available to a third party. A commercial use of particular services or products is possible only if a separate license contract is provided or the author has given his written permission.