Training in Java and web technologies

Often teams don't work as efficient as they probably could. Sometimes they lack the expertise in a certain area, sometiems knowledge is spread to many different heads. In any case, it's worth to train the development team in a certain technology or different topics.

Especially young developers often already have a good knowledge, yet what they lack is professional experience. That leaves you with the question: how does a junior developer become a senior developer? Do I - as a team manager - simply have to wait for 5-10 years or do I have to send him to dozens of trainings and spend a vast amount of money? That's exactly the situation for which I developed the mentoring program, to train the necessary skills and to work together and acquire the professional experience with the "young and wild".

Das Mentoring-Programm für Java- und Web-Entwickler verbindet in idealer Weise die Vermittlung von praktischem hands-on-Wissen mit anschaulich dargestellter Theorie. So sind die Standard-Inhalte Themen wie Aufwandsschätzung, Zeit- und Aufgabenmanagement, Konzepte entwickeln, analytisches Vorgehen - all das, was man von einem Senior-Entwickler erwartet und an ihm schätzt.

Please contact me and describe your situation. Are you looking for your team or for yourself? I will reply as soon as possible.

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